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We’ve developed our 7-Select™ line of products to provide customers with exceptional – and we do mean exceptional value. We’ve sourced top quality products at mouthwatering prices.

7-Select products

We’re talking spring water, soft drinks, candy, snacks, and juices; all designed to meet your needs.

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  • 7-Select™ Soft Drinks

    7-Select™ Soft Drinks

    Experience all your favourite cola flavours , or indulge in our exclusive Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry and Tropical Mango twists. Your taste buds will love you for it. All our soft drinks are available in single serve or 2L sizes.

  • 7-Select™ Juice

    7-Select™ Juice

    There’s a reason our juices are the fruit of our labour. For one, they’re all-natural and, well, naturally delicious. No added sugar. Experience our orange, apple, lemonade, lemon iced tea, cranberry and tropical mango flavours.

  • GO!Smart™ Smoothie

    GO!Smart™ Smoothie

    What could be smarter than smoothies made from natural juices & purees (no sugar added)? That was rhetorical. GO!Smart Smoothies are made from all natural flavours and an excellent source of Vitamin C (100% of Daily Value).

  • 7-Select™ Confections

    7-Select™ Confections

    From fun and fruity flavours to gummy treats to gourmet jelly beans to sour suckers – our 7Select sweet treats are perfect treat for anyone who likes their candy pluralized.

  • 7-Select™ Bottled Water

    7-Select™ Bottled Water

    Our 100% Canadian-sourced, pH 8.04 (±0.2) glacial water has your hydration covered. And no, the fact that the 500ml 7Select Water is our best-selling water is no coincidence.

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