The Basics

Slurpee was first created in 1959 by a Kansas hamburger-stand owner. Using a car air conditioner, he created a piece of equipment that would freeze a carbonated soft drink and serve it in a ‘sherbet-like’ form.

In 1965, 7-Eleven began selling Slurpee drinks, then called Icee, in its U.S. stores.

Slurpee got its name during a brainstorming session in May 1967: while drinking the product through a straw, someone commented it made a “slurp” sound and the rest is history.

The first Slurpee in Canada was poured in Calgary, Alberta, in 1969.  

For the 20th consecutive year, Manitoba has been crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World for having the highest average number of Slurpee cups sold per store in a region.

The exclusive 2016 summer Slurpee flavours in Canada were: Crush Peach FuzzMountain Dew Kickstart Black Cherry, and Dole Strawberry Banana Kiwi.

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Fast Stats

More than 40 per cent of all Slurpee drinks are sold during the sunny summer months of June, July and August.

In Canada, Thursdays are the most popular day of the week to purchase Slurpee drinks.

In Canada, 41 per cent of Slurpee drinkers never mix their Slurpee drinks, 37 per cent always mix them, 21 per cent mix them some of the time.

In Canada, 87 per cent of Slurpee drinkers are over the age of 18.

In Canada, the average Slurpee drinker is a 30-year-old male.

More Facts

Every year enough Slurpee Drinks are sold to fill up 12 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Slurpee drinks are served at a chilling -2.2 degrees celsius.

In 1994, 7-Eleven coined the term BrainFreeze. If you don’t know what a brain freeze is, go have a Slurpee and drink it fast.

The scientific name for brain freeze is Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.

Slurpee is embedded in popular culture:

‘Googling’ Slurpee generates more than 1.1 Million related search results.

There are more than 100,000 videos about Slurpee on YouTube.

Slurpee has more than 44,000 monthly mentions on Twitter.

Slurpee has more than 600,000 followers on Twitter & more than 4.7Million Fans on Facebook.

Slurpee has its own Wikipedia site.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ashley Benson and Beyonce have been spotted with them.

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