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You’re busy, we get it. Our rapid cook ovens deliver a fresh baked taste in minutes. Which is why choosing 7-Eleven is so deliciously simple. Enjoy hot pizza made fresh-to-order, by the slice or by the pie – any time of day. Let your appetite decide 24/7. Choose from Pepperoni, Cheese, and Buffalo Ranch Chicken, whatever you desire – you’ll always win with our light and crispy crust and edge to edge toppings.

If your cravings don’t suddenly stop at pizza, let us introduce you to our chicken strips – made with all white meat chicken breast; crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Ditto goes for our white chicken breast kebob and it’s under 350 calories. Or, if you’re looking for something different, try our lean pork meatball kebob: made with Italian spices and stuffed with real Cheddar, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses. And our fresh, crispy wings – they come in a variety of crave-worthy flavours, including buffalo hot and thai chili. In a three-letter word, wow.

Hit the Hot button

And whether it’s day or night or sometime after midnight, you’ll be elated to know that our Breakfast sandwiches will tickle your palate’s fancy. For instance, our bacon egg and cheese, as well as our sausage cheese and egg sandwiches are made with gourmet ingredients from local sources. Yep, here’s your chance to turn good morning into great morning. Whenever your morning is.

Wanna see what we’ve got in-store for you (get it?) check out our favourite menu items below or find a store to visit us in-person.

Hot to Go day or night
Hot to Go day and night

It's Your Snack, Hot Stuff

Have it Your Way

  • Wedges


    Feeling the spud love? Our legendary potato wedges pack fluffy, tatery goodness into every thick, golden morsel so you can enjoy more… and more… and more… Hit up 7-Eleven day or night for hot freshness and quality you can count on.

  • Wings


    Chickening out? Your appetite doesn’t know the difference between Game Day and Wednesday. That’s why our awesome wings are available EVERY day. Try our hot wings, BBQ, Buffalo, Salt & Pepper, Honey Garlic, or Thai Chili wings and see how hard it is to stop! Hit up 7-Eleven day or night for hot freshness and quality you can count on.

  • Nachos


    Mucho hungry? Meet our nacho bar – arguably the greatest ever delivery system for nachos, chili and cheese. Hit up 7-Eleven day or night for hot freshness and quality you can count on.

  • Pizza


    Our cheese and pepperoni Meatzza is the final word in bang-for-buck snacking. Imagine gooey, melted cheese, spicy pepperoni and a delicious crispy crust. Drooling yet? Give in to your craving! Hit up 7-Eleven day or night for hot freshness and quality you can count on.

  • Hash browns

    Hash browns

    Need a morning snack? Our gorgeous hash browns are a little bit of crispy heaven for your morning face – perfect on their own or as a golden-brown sidekick to your favourite breakfast sandwich. Hit up 7-Eleven day or night for hot freshness and quality you can count on.

  • Breakfast Sandwiches

    Breakfast Sandwiches

    Try our Breakfast Sandwich – made with Canadian egg & cheese. Ask for it toasted at check-out and enjoy the warm, melty goodness. Choose from bacon, egg and cheese or sausage and cheese made with locally sourced ingredients.

  • Taquitos


    They’re hot, they’re crispy, and they’re packed with cheesy, meaty goodness. Bacon-egg-cheese-potato, Buffalo Chicken, Jalapeño Cream Cheese, & Monterey Jack – need we say more? We thought not.

  • Meatball Kebob

    Meatball Kebob

    Our Cheddar Meatball Kebobs are a unique blend of lean Pork, Italian spices, Parmesan and Romano cheese; stuffed with chunks of medium-aged Cheddar Cheese. . And if you add your choice of either Thai Chili, BBQ, or our Honey Garlic sauce, they’ll be super-saucy, too. Enjoy.

  • Chicken Kebob

    Chicken Kebob

    All white meat chicken breast bites seasoned with light garlic, onion and pepper and breaded with a unique crispy coating. They’re hot, they’re ready in minutes, they’re under 350 calories and they’re waiting for you. Just ask for them by name and get them sauced the way you like. Choose from any of our sauces like: thai chili, honey garlic, BBQ and more.

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