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Let’s be honest; nothing hits the spot quite like a sandwich. At 7-Eleven, we’re home to a healthy assortment of sandwiches, wraps and toasted subs – all made fresh locally.

And these sandwiches are handmade, fresh, and delivered daily. Because of this, we’re able to use fancy words like fresh locally-baked ancient grains bread, real Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese, and natural salami, pepperoni and ham from Canada’s own Piller’s deli.

Keep it Healthy

Not surprisingly; our partners even search locally for the best produce around.

And here’s the thing about our wonderful sandwiches. They’re just as fresh and tasty as our subs, which you can have toasted if your mood strikes. Plus you can keep your taste buds on their toes (that sounds odd) by “wrapping it up” every now and again.

It's Your Sandwich

Have It Your Way

  • 7Smart Sandwich

    7Smart Sandwich

    7Smart Sandwiches are below 400 Calories. Like our wedge sandwiches, 7Smart sandwiches are fresh-prepared with crisp romaine lettuce, ripe tomatoes, locally-baked ancient grains bread, Hellmann’s half-fat mayonnaise, and either Piller’s meats or Butterball turkey.

  • Wedge Sandwiches

    Wedge Sandwiches

    There’s no substitute for quality and we’ve ensured our sandwiches use only the highest quality, brand-name ingredients. Each and every sandwich is handmade fresh, every day – even on holidays. Our wedge sandwiches feature locally-baked ancient grains bread, Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese, crisp romaine lettuce and tomatoes.

  • Sub Sandwiches

    Sub Sandwiches

    Just as fresh and tasty as our sandwiches, our premium 8” and 12” subs feature cheddar buns, ciabatta and artisan-style breads from local bakeries. Want yours toasted? No problem, we’d be happy to do that for you… and fast. On the run? Our premium subs are safely packed in a durable reusable dome, so you can take a few bites and save the rest for later. Nothing better than having an ace in the pocket when hunger hits.

  • Wraps


    At 7-Eleven you’ve got choice and true to form, we’ve got a variety of wraps prepared on plain, whole wheat and tomato tortillas.

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