There’s always something that didn’t make it into the suitcase, right? No worries. Chances are whatever got left behind_tooth brush to Tylenol, shampoo to shoe polish_you’ll find it at 7-Eleven. Not to mention all those consumables that you, well, consume while you’re away_batteries (every size, shape and power); SUN-cessories: lotion, screen, glasses, umbrellas; over-the-counter pharmaceuticals; automotive accessories_the list is l-o-n-g.
If you forgot it, get it. At 7-Eleven. 24/7.



All the conveniences of home. Away from home.

Vacations. Holidays. Long Weekends. Here you are in an intriguing new place, ready for anything: new adventures to experience, new sights to see, new worlds to explore. But, even in a new, fun, exciting place, there are still times when you appreciate nothing more than a familiar, helpful friend. And just like at home, that friend is 7-Eleven. Fresh food, quick snacks, practically every beverage on the planet: 7-Eleven. Personal items, family needs, pharmaceuticals, gifts, entertainment: 7-Eleven. Groceries, laundry supplies, staples of all kinds: 7-Eleven. Always fresh, always convenient, always economical, 24/7. That’s 7-Eleven. It’s kind of like having a personal concierge looking out for all the day-to-day needs while you’re travelling. So you can just relax and enjoy the adventure.



Stay in touch while travelling. Pay as You Go.

Talking or texting. Searching or socializing. Your need to stay in touch doesn’t go away when you go away.Just the opposite, in fact. Fortunately, 7-Eleven SpeakOut wireless has you covered. Pay as you go without contracts. Canada-wide, unlimited calling and texting for as little at $20, including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and free incoming texts. Plus you can top-up your airtime instantly, online, anytime from anywhere.

Get a SIM for $10 / no commitments.

Pop a SpeakOut SIM card into your unlocked mobile phone and enjoy all the benefits of anytime local calling and unlimited texting just as if you were at home. How’s that for savings, convenience and SIM-plicity?



Dig in to a fresh, hardy 7-Eleven’s breakfast at breakfast time. Whenever that happens to be, morning, noon or night, 24/7.

Quick and easy snacks, light lunches, bistro boxes, chicken buckets and, of course, hot dogs and taquitos from 7-Eleven’s famous roller grill. All ready for you to load up with condiments and enjoy on the go.

When the good times go long and hunger strikes anytime after closing time, no worries. 7-Eleven never closes. So tasty meals and snacks are waiting, fresh and ready, 24/7.

It’s always the little things, isn’t it? A plug. A cable. Earphones or nose plugs or lip gloss. When you discover you’re missing some gadget or gewgaw or gimcrack, get it fast at 7-Eleven. Why fast? Because chances are there’s a 7-Eleven just down the street, or on the next corner, or right there when you’ve stopped for gas. Whatever you need, wherever you need it. 7-Eleven is here to make life-on-the-go easy, and your vacation more of a vacation.