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You know what they say in baseball: 2 hands; always 2 hands. Well, the same is true for pizza. 2 hands, and a slice for each. 2 slices of hot, delicious pizza, just $3, accompanied by a Big Gulp or 22oz Slurpee. Kinda makes a body sad to have only 1 mouth.



Here’s a deal that’s as crazy as an eleven-dollar bill: 10 hot-from-the-oven wings and 10 golden-brown wedges:  just $11. (See? That’s where the eleven-dollar bill comes in.) 500 Bonus Points for 7Rewards members is part of the deal, too. No eleven-dollar bill? We take Loonies, Twoonies, fives, tens, etc…



Get in the Game

Catch a Chill & Slurp it up!

Want to test your reflexes, and hate seeing precious Slurpee® go to waste? Play the awesome Slurpee® Catch a Chill game, and catch all the falling droplets of Slurpee®.


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