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For when you want a Better Choice, we pride ourselves on offering a healthy dose of nutritious, on-the-go snacks.

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We’re talking fruit cups, veggie cups, yogurt & fruit cups, fresh fruit, salads – our list of offerings is long and healthy.

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  • GO!Smart™ Smoothie

    GO!Smart™ Smoothie

    What could be smarter than smoothies made from natural juices & purees (no sugar added)? That was rhetorical. GO!Smart Smoothies are made from all natural flavours and an excellent source of Vitamin C (100% of Daily Value).

  • Fresh Fruit

    Fresh Fruit

    The perfect healthy meal add-on or snack. Our fresh fruit is delivered fresh to stores daily.

  • Salads to Go

    Salads to Go

    Get your feast on. Enjoy crisp Romaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan, garlic and cheese croutons, and grilled chicken, with a tangy Caesar dressing. Just add fork and moans of pleasure.

  • Yogurt with Real Fruit

    Yogurt with Real Fruit

    What’s better than a cup of yogurt? A cup of yogurt loaded with fruit, that’s what.  Our drop-dead delicious Parfaits are available in strawberry and blueberry and mmmm-mmmm-mmmm.

  • Veggie Cups

    Veggie Cups

    Same as above. only we’re using veggies instead of fruit. Yep, we’re pretty clever like that. Get your hands on veggies such as carrots, celery, tomatoes – even though tomatoes are actually a fruit. Oh my.

  • Fruit Cups

    Fruit Cups

    Welcome to the world of fast, fresh, peel-free fruity awesomeness. 7-Eleven’s Fruit Cups make being healthy easy – especially when you’re on the go. We’re talking grapes, oranges, melons, and other fruity words.

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