Give Love a Shot

You enjoy a great cup of coffee. And sometimes, you like to mix it up. As your palate has evolved, so too has our offering. Take our espresso for instance. No really, take it. And shoot it back – or heck, sip it away at your own speed. You’re in charge.

Either way, you’ll appreciate our higher class of espresso, freshly-ground by the Swiss-made espresso machines that we brought in just for you. These modern machines blend classic coffee traditions with high tech – resulting in that fine tasting espresso you crave, in the touch of a button. Literally, one simple touch.

What's the buzz?

You grind the beans, so you choose how weak or how strong you’d like your beverage. We use only the freshest milk on the planet to create the prefect crema & delicious milk foam to create Cappuccinos and Lattes. You won’t find any of that powdered stuff here. You get exactly what you want – and you grind it before your very eyes with your very finger. How very effortless. And rewarding.

This program is available in select stores, check our store locator for an espresso store near you. Can’t find an espresso store near you? Don’t worry, we’re expanding this program, but in the meantime, we’ve still got our 100% Premium Arabica brewed coffee in each of stores. Check out what’s brewing on our coffee page.

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Customize your delicious cappuccino flavour your way with syrups and toppings at no extra charge.

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