Turn Up the Heat
Your Internal Heat, that is.

You love having a hot beverage every now and again. Morning time, day time, pretty much any time. A hot beverage comforts you, warms you, and soothes your very soul.

That being said, your insides will be happy to know that 7-Eleven is where you can really heat things up. Because here, you’ll find something for every chill and brrrr that you feel.

Stop on in and prepare yourself a nice hot cup of ‘Two Leaves & a Bud’ tea. There’s 8 irresistible flavours to warm your every need – including herbal and caffeine-free options.

Or if you prefer, you can warm up to our premium, creamy hot chocolate, which is even more decadent than you can imagine. You can even add a few dozen mini marshmallows if you like – go on melt away those chills.

Plus regardless of which hot drink you choose, we know that you’re all about extras. So we’ve made flavoured creams, syrups and other irresistible toppings available for you to add – so you’re never left with the “same-old same-old” hot beverage. More like “different-new different-new”.

Tea it up
Two Leaves and a Bud

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