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Planting Program

Planting Program

7-Eleven Canada has partnered with Restoration Packaging to plant a plant with each hot beverage cup sold.

This one-for-one planting program is designed help offset the carbon footprint associated with each disposable hot beverage drink sold while giving back to local Canadian communities through local restoration initiatives.

Program Impact

Program Impact

For every hot beverage cup purchased at any 7-Eleven Canada store, Restoration Packaging partners with a local restoration group within each province, to plant a plant at a local restoration site. All plants planted are local to that specific site and serve a direct purpose towards the reforestation and reclamation of habitat to that site.

By partnering with local restoration groups in each Province, The Buy this Cup. Plant a Plant program contributes towards the planting of millions of plants each year, creating a hyper-local planting program specific to each Canadian community.

Each restoration site has been damaged through either wildfires, over-development, deforestation or urbanization. Our program partners with local restoration groups in order to help fund the reforestation of these sites.

All plants that are planted at these sites are planted via native plant seed as well as native plant seedlings which have all been grown and harvested within Canada.

7-Eleven Canada’s program is empowering Canadian consumers to enjoy life more sustainably and simultaneously allowing 7-Eleven to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.

This program directly gives back to Canadian consumers and their communities by improving local green-spaces through native reforestation, as well as over time will contribute towards offsetting thousands of lbs of CO2 through carbon sequestration.

Fort McMurray Planting

Fort McMurray Planting

Restoration Packaging partnered with the municipality of Wood Buffalo, to restore recent burn areas around the city of Fort McMurray from the recent wildfire in 2016.

The program was part of the municipality’s Fire-Smart program, which is designed to reforest and restore locally burned areas around the perimeter of the city.

The new plants planted are designed to be native, but fire resistant, so that when the next fire comes through the area, these new plants will help as a fire retardant buffer around the city, rather than potential fuel hazard.

PROPOSED RESTORATION REGIONS - Vancouver Island, British Columbia PROPOSED RESTORATION REGIONS - Fort McMurray, Alberta PROPOSED RESTORATION REGIONS - Saskatchewan River Valley, Saskatchewan PROPOSED RESTORATION REGIONS - Caribou Boreal Habitat, Manitoba PROPOSED RESTORATION REGIONS - Ontario Boreal Forest, Ontario


Follow our journey as we continue to restore local Canadian landscapes.


Learn more about some of the local plant species planted at our restoration sites below.

Kalmia angustifolia Larix larcina Ledum groenlandicum Linnaea borealis Picea glauca Picea mariana Pinus contorta Prunus laurocerasus Ribes glandulosum Ribes oxyacanthoides Ribes triste Sherperdia canadensis Vaccinium myrtillus Alnus icana Carex utriculata