Biggest Drink Selection on the Planet
Biggest Drink Selection on the Planet

You know we have a massive selection of cold, ready-to-drink beverages. Saying we have the lion’s share wouldn’t even be a stretch. Swing by when you’re at your thirstiest and you’ll appreciate our variety even more. Here, you’ll find everything from mainstream products to multicultural products to exclusive products to products you didn’t even know existed. Plus, we keep your thirst on its toes (yep, it happens) by continuously expanding our assortment by bringing in beverages from as near as over here, and as far as over there.

You have a thirst for water? Vitamin water? Juice? Vegetable juice? Energy drinks? Soft Drinks? Cold caffeinated goodness? Cold ready-to-drink teas? You better believe we can accommodate. You say your brand-loyal? Come quench that thirst by way of Monster, Rockstar, Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull, Marley’s, Brisk, Gatorade – we could go on and on and on.


Hit the Vault

Not surprisingly, you’ve come to appreciate 7-Eleven for its exclusive beverages. You’ll find exciting, interesting, and most importantly – exclusive flavours from Gatorade, Monster, Marley’s, Red Bull and Powerade – drop by and check out our current selection. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we likely carry. Cans, bottles, you name it. Craving an exclusive Blue Raspberry Soft Drink from our Private Label, 7-Select? Done. If Tropicana Mango, Black Cherry or Green Watermelon strikes your fancy – worry you not, you won’t go thirsty.

That’d be pretty much impossible in these parts.


Thirsty For Options?

Your drink. Your way

  • Pepsi


    Looking for Pepsi, Mountain DEW, Crush, Dr. Pepper, Mug Root Beer? We’ve got it and many more. Stop in and check out our selection of Pepsi beverages.

  • Coke


    Get all your favorite beverages from Coke, including Sprite, Fanta, Coke Zero and more in convenient single-serve or take home sizes.

  • International Favourites

    International Favourites

    We’ve searched the world over to bring some of the most popular international flavours, from green tea to coconut water, to your local 7-Eleven.

  • Sports Drinks

    Sports Drinks

    Refresh, recover, rehydrate – whether working hard or playing hard, reach your potential with our all-star line-up of sports drinks from all the major brands.

  • 7-Select™ Soft Drinks

    7-Select™ Soft Drinks

    Fancy something fizzy? 7-Eleven carries all your favourite cola flavours – with a few fizztastic twists of our own. Check out the full roster of 7-Select exclusive products.

  • Iced Coffee & Teas

    Iced Coffee & Teas

    Cold Coffee person? Are you a Cold Tea or Iced Tea person? Either way, our delicious selection will keep your body temperature nice and cool. They’re ready-to-go whenever you are – no brewing required.

  • Energy Drinks

    Energy Drinks

    Need a little pick-me-up? 7-Eleven boasts a huge range of big brand energy drinks to kick-start whatever the day brings. Check out our 7-Eleven exclusive flavours – you won’t find these babies anywhere else.

  • Juices


    We proudly carry an orchard of fruit juices. Oh yeah, were pretty fruity about our word-choice. Our juices come in orange, apple, lemonade, iced tea with lemon, cranberry and tropical mango. They’re all natural and just as awesome as anything you’d find elsewhere. Customers love our orange and apple juices the most!

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