This is how we roll―our Cheesy Pepper Jack Taquito. It’s a handy little snack, perfect for use in either hand, left or right. It’s an irresistibly tasty griller that will make any appetite roll over and beg. For more.



Cheesy Pepper Jack Taquito

Don’t get us wrong. This sub isn’t shaped like a pretzel, it’s made like a pretzel. From pretzel dough. It’s shaped like, well, like a sub. A sub that’s loaded with classic savoury pastrami. So it’s a unique taste experience, even for you experienced submariners. Dive in. (Get it? Submariners? Dive? Never mind…)



There are a lot of luddites out there who think that the classic beef burger cannot be topped. Now there’s a challenge we gladly accepted. Introducing: (ta-da) the 7-Eleven Pork Burger. A burger made with our kebob pork meat, with either cheddar or bacon added. Beef burger, meet the competition.



It’s more than a brownie. It’s more than a cookie. It’s a brownie and a cookie. It’s a…wait for it…a BROOKIE! Get this: fudge brownie batter mixed with chocolate chip cookie dough, then fresh-baked in store. OMG! Decadent? Indulgent? Hedonistic? Yes, yes and yes! Get one before they’re banned.



What's In Store

The best things in life are free: Smiles, hugs, love, our condiments. Oh and our Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is available in most 7-Eleven Stores across Canada. We’re expanding our Wi-Fi program so check our store locator to find out if your local 7-Eleven is Wi-Fi enabled.

Our new and remodelled stores have a great new, stylish look: The lighting is new; the environment is warmer; the colours are more welcoming; the walls are tastefully tiled; there’s even places to lean and sit down to enjoy your favourite snack or beverage.

Our Crispy Classic Chicken is hand-tossed and made fresh in-store by store chefs in over 220 7-Eleven stores across Canada. Check out our store locator to find out what programs are at your local 7-Eleven.

Check out our new fresh food and beverage options including our Espresso Program (enjoy your favourite bean-to-cup beverage).

Check out our store locator to find out what’s in-store at your local 7-Eleven.

Looking for a cash machine? Look no further than your local 7-Eleven – in all stores across Canada you will conveniently find a ScotiaBank ABM. Check out our store locator to find out your closest 7-Eleven.

Need fuel? Over half of the 7-Eleven stores across Canada have gas on-site. Check out our store locator to find the closest 7-Eleven with a service station.